Download PDF, EPUB, Kindle Invertebrates : Protozoa to Echinodermata
Download PDF, EPUB, Kindle Invertebrates : Protozoa to Echinodermata

Invertebrates : Protozoa to Echinodermata. Ashok Verma

Invertebrates : Protozoa to Echinodermata
Author: Ashok Verma
Number of Pages: 532 pages
Published Date: 30 Jul 2005
Publisher: Alpha Science International Ltd
Publication Country: Oxford, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781842652008
File size: 13 Mb
Download Link: Invertebrates Protozoa to Echinodermata

"Invertebrates: Protozoa to Echinodermata" provides an in depth coverage all major topics related with various invertebrates groups starting from Protozoa to Echinodermata, emphasizing their structure, function and adaptations. It deals with important features like osmoregulation, nutrition, locomotion, reproduction of protozoa including disease producing protozoa, the amazing phenomenon of polymorphism and alternation of generation in coelenterates, the wonderful world of corals including their power of defense. The parasitic helminthes, their adaptations to the parasitic mode of life and the plant parasitic nematodes have also been discussed. Minor phyla also find elaborate description. Different aspects of arthropods like parasitism and larval forms in crustaceans, biology of Sacculina, respiration, mouthparts and metamorphic events in insects, including useful insects have also been illustrated. Groups like priapulida, bryozoa and chaetognatha find special mention. The text also includes different aspects of mollusks like torsion, adaptive radiation, foot and shell along with brain and sense organs in cephalopods and symmetry, coelom and larval forms in echinoderms. Finally, an outline classification of all major invertebrate phyla has been given. It is an authoritative source for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate study as well as for competitive examinations.

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